Invest in a Student, Change a Generation

Harvest Ministries

Harvest Ministries was born out of a deep and compelling desire to bring the people living in the Telangana region of Andhra Pradesh, India, out of the centuries-old darkness to the light of the Gospel. Under the leadership of Caleb Rayapati, a team of twenty-five indigenous pastors has undertaken a thoroughly holistic approach to reaching this region for Christ. In addition to the 120 congregations that these twenty-five pastors serve, Harvest Ministries also reaches out through medical means, free dental camps, AIDS clinics, sewing training centers, well-digging, and a host of other mercy strategies. By investing in their communities in such a variety of ways, these pastors are seeing God’s work in addressing heart needs through meeting physical needs.

The Vijaylaxmi Memorial StoneBridge School is a long-time dream of Caleb’s, finally realized in 2010. The funds for this school were raised by StoneBridge Church Community in Charlotte, NC, one of several stateside churches that partners with the Harvest leadership. This expansion of Harvest Ministries into the field of education allows them to go deeper in community transformation, since most of the students at the school will be coming from the towns and districts currently served by the Harvest pastors. Educating the students in these communities brings health and hope to the families that live in them.
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