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What to Write

Can't think of what to put in your next letter? If you've been traveling the world or taking kids to soccer practice, your Godchild wants to hear from you! Here are some ideas for your next letter:

  • Special hobbies or interests. What do you like to do in your leisure time? Go into detail on a book you're reading, a fitness goal you have, or a project you're working on. Have you travelled anywhere interested lately?
  • The changing seasons. What happens in the US during Fall, Winter, etc? What are your favorite things about this season? Are there any holidays coming up? What are your favorite traditions?
  • Family memories. Share a funny or touching story about someone in your family that your child is familiar with. Share what activities your family members are currently involved in.
  • *Sponsor Submission: Take each letter to "highlight" one of the members of your family. Put together a page of photos, favorite hobbies, and interests and share everything you can think of about that individual. Each new letter will be a different surprise look into someone in your family!
  • A joke or short story. Know a funny joke, inspiration quote, Bible verse, or riddle? Start a short story-writing game where each letter adds to the next saga of the story. Include some word-searches, crosswords, or coloring pages. If your child sends you a blank coloring page, color it and send it back with your own blank page for him or her to color for you.
  • Encouragement. Ask about your child's dream for his/her future and support it. Include tips for his/her interest future career and offer advice if you can. Share your own dreams. Make sure they know that you believe in them and love them.
  • Ask questions. A few short, simple questions about your child's life will develop your relationship as you grow together. After a few years at the school, your child will begin to be able to communicate more easily with you and your relationship will grow to become a deep, fulfilling friendship. Start now!
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Write Simple,
Write Positive,
& Write Often!

  • Your child cherishes your letters as his or her most prized possessions. Please make it a priority to send a letter with EACH mailing.

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