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Science Exhibition by Caleb Rayapati

First Science Exhibition at StoneBridge School by Caleb Rayapati



“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven,” wrote celebrated English poet John Milton in his magnum opus Paradise Lost.
Many of us tend to overlook this amazing gift of God – the power of the mind. On March 16, God gave us a powerful insight into this wonderful creative process that he has loaded into our beings. Being made in the “Image of God” also means having the creativity to “fashion a world” in itself.
Age is no bar for the creative juices to flow and this was in ample display at the first-ever Science Exhibition held at the Stonebridge School. To see students in the 9 to 14 years age group come up such creative and original ideas took all of us by surprise – it was a pleasant surprise!  
My maternal aunt Ms T Vivekavathi Blessington, who is a former principal of the reputed Town School in Chennai, was completely floored by the fact that a school which is just two years old could come up with such an idea and also implement it with such finesse. Ms Blessington, who is an award-winning principal and was the chief guest at the exhibition, was effusive in her praise of the exhibition. She was completely taken up by the fact that the exhibits were put up by students of Classes 6, 7 and 8.
Mr Nehemiah Thota, one of the three academic advisors of the school, took time to visit the exhibition and was all praise for it. Mr Nehemiah, who has vast experience in the corporate world, viewed each exhibit. He questioned the students about their projects and was highly impressed with the way the children explained projects. He also felt that some of the presentations had a relevance to the needs on the campus and encouraged thechildren to come with working models to benefit the school. Some of these presentations were the weighing machine, water stopper, wind mill etc.
What impressed us the most was a model village created by the students. When quizzed about the priorities of a model village, the students came up with education, sanitation and hygiene and irrigation, in that order. This proved that the children were alert to the situations in their own villages and were keen on creating a whole brave new world.
I too was amazed to see the presentations and miniature models and hear the students explain and take about their presentations. I and Dr Peter, who is the school correspondent, had initially thought of giving a prize to the first three best presentations but after seeing the various models and presentations we felt that each one of them deserved an award.
However, Mrs Blessington was prompted to announce a cash price to the first three students which I could not decline.
The first prize was given to Conservation of Energy by P Ajay and M Chaithanya of Class VIII. Their guide was Mr T Kiran.
The second prize went to Solar System by M Chalapathi and B Sharath of Class V. The guide was Mr Vedamani.
The third prize was bagged by Skeletal System, joints and bones by M Dhanuja, J Nithisha, V Mamatha, T Pavithra and R Akhila of Class VI. The project was guided by Ms P Swapna.
What added zest to the whole project was the abundant coverage the exhibition received in the local media. The Sarpanch (Mayor) of the village was so inspired by the exhibition that he invited the local press to cover the event. We had reporters from five different newspapers and on the next day, we had three newspapers report the event. We had also invited students of nearby schools to the exhibition so that they too could benefit from the exhibition.

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