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10th Class Address: Kristen

Good morning to one and all.
Thank you for your presence at Vijayalaxmi Memorial StoneBridge School on this Annual Day. We hope you have enjoyed the cultural programs and performances by our talented students. We are pleased to show you just a small part of all that they are accomplishing here at school.

My name is Kristen Katibah, and I have had the privilege of being involved with VMSS since 2012. My role as director of the child sponsorship program has allowed me to form strong relationships with the students and teaching staff here. Reflecting upon the past 3 years, few things have brought me as much joy as getting to know the boys and girls of 10th class. For this reason I am honored to present the next part of our program.
At this point, I would like to call our 10
th class students to the stage…
Today is a memorable day. Today we would like to recognize the students of our first graduating class. We’ve watched these 10 young men and women grow up in front of our very eyes. It seems they arrived at VMSS only a short time ago as small, curious 5th graders, and now have become the successful, ambitious young adults that stand before you today. Their journey to this point has been a unique one. Through the past 5 years they have been the pioneers—the trailblazers—of our school’s student body. As we have accommodated an additional class each year, they have been at the forefront, continuously leading as our eldest and brightest students. They encountered numerous challenges along the way, but faced each one with determination, resiliency, and honor. They have earned the admiration of the younger students under them and have set an example for future classes to follow. Truly they are the elder brothers and sisters to our VMSS family, and we love them dearly.
Turning to the Group:
And now I’d like to call attention to each one of you individually. You are each exceptional in your own way, so we’d like to pay tribute to the qualities that set you apart.
Cheryl Pfeiffer and I have chosen one word that best describes you to us. It is our hope that you are encouraged by it and will continue striving to live out this quality in your daily life.
As I call your name, please step forward to receive your certificate.

Sudharani: You are a delightful, adorable young lady. Even though you came to our school only recently, you’ve won our hearts with your warm smile and sweet demeanor. You are a precious and sweet friend, so for your lovely spirit we give you the word Endearing.


Sai Priya: You are a lively girl, full of energy and vitality. Your sense of humor, openness, and athletic ability have made an impression on us. You are an independent force with a high capacity for achievement. For your free and spirited personality, we give you the word Vivacious.

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Mary: Your virtue and humble nature have been evident since your first year with us. You thrive in close relationships and are a cherished older sister to our children here. You are dedicated to excellence, and are distinguished among many for your good character. For your uprightness in everything, we bestow upon you the word Honorable.


Kathy: You are a captivating young lady with boundless dreams. You are drawn to new ideas and new people, and in turn others are drawn to you. Your zest for life is contagious, and your attentive and encouraging spirit is not overlooked. Your presence here has been a dynamic addition to our school, and your absence will be greatly felt. For your charm and enthusiasm, we give you the word Charismatic.


Rajinikanth: You are a likable, fun young man with a good-hearted nature. Your love for life and your agreeable nature have provided you with an abundance of loyal friends. You bring joy and laughter to everyone around you, and in my opinion you have the best laugh on campus. You have proven yourself to be a kind and cheerful companion. For your joyful and sociable personality, we give you the word Amiable.

Prashanth: You have been blessed with wisdom and a strong intuition. You are perceptive to the needs of others, and possess a keen ability to identify and support those in need. You absorb so much around you and guide others on the same path of enlightenment. Your razor-sharp intellect and quick wit have always kept us on our toes. Your smile attracts others to you and your brilliance keeps them there. For your discerning and astute spirit, we bestow upon you the word Insightful.

Mahender: As the oldest member of our student body, you have led our school with a stable and strong presence. You are reliable and responsible and you strive to perform at the highest level in all things. You expect excellence from yourself and motivate others to do the same. Despite being an unshakable force on campus, you maintain an approachable, playful spirit that enthralls and amuses us. For your steady and resolute ambition, we give you the word Unwavering.


Jithender: You have displayed a gentle spirit from a young age. We have watched you grow into a compassionate young man with a desire to serve and contribute. You have shown yourself to be a trustworthy and true friend. You are quick to smile and to love, and your youthful disposition has and always will be dear to our hearts. For your genuine and honest nature, we bestow upon you the word Tenderhearted.


Chaitanya: You have entertained and inspired us. You are a complex soul with layers of profound thoughtfulness and light-hearted humor. Your sweet and sensitive heart complements your hilarious personality. We respect you and your passion for living life to the fullest. You appreciate the beauty in art and nature, and you also appreciate the beauty in other people. When you are lost in deep reflection, we know that your spirit is at home, and we love that about you. For your introspective spirit, we give you the word Mindful.


Ajay: Throughout your years at this school, you have been the cornerstone of support for your peers. You emerged as a dependable leader and have led with integrity and sacrifice. You are a focused student with a zeal for refining and perfecting yourself in every aspect. Talented in many areas, yet you remain humble, warm, and beloved by everyone. For your faithful and affectionate friendship, we bestow upon you the word Loyal.

10th Class: You are a group of extraordinary people, and our school has been immeasurably blessed by having you here. We are so proud of you. You have made us laugh, taught us how to serve, and have left us with precious memories we will never forget.

As you prepare to take your exams and close out this chapter in your life, take time to reflect on everything and everyone who helped get you to where you are today. Cherish every minute you have with each other, and never forget the bond that you share as our first 10th class.
This is not the end—it is only the beginning. You have completed the work you were sent here to do and now you are being given your next assignment—to change the world. We are cheering you on and can’t wait until the rest of the world knows what we already know about you—that you are remarkable in every way. On behalf of myself, Chili Pepper, the Rayapati family, your Bridge to India sponsors, school teachers, and fellow students, we want to thank you for allowing us to travel this journey with you, and we wish you Godspeed on your journey ahead.
You are loved and you will be missed.