Bridge to India

Invest in a Student, Change a Generation

Reflections on the Summer 2011 Trip Part 1: John

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In the years that my wife and I have been traveling to India, I have never been more convinced of the Lord's hand in what we were doing than this year.  The connections He is making are not superficial.  We are building bonds (bridges) that are growing stronger and stronger with each year.  I had no idea the reaction that I would have while we were with the children.
Because we were able to share so many experiences with them, we had an opportunity to get to know them individually while at the same time the Lord was knitting our hearts to theirs and we were literally falling in love with these precious children.  Knowing that they are in great care and are being nurtured as we would want our own children cared for (and these ARE our own children as well), I was so filled with joy that the Lord had privileged us with this opportunity to build something that will have such a powerful impact on their lives.  The visit to the church dedication on Tuesday, as well as to church on Sunday (and having the opportunity to both preach and baptize new believers), are all experiences I will never forget.   This entire relationship between this ministry and our church is so completely unlikely that it makes me laugh to see what amazing things God has in store for us if we will simply follow Him and trust Him with childlike faith.