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Republic Day Celebrations

IMG_0102The students and teachers of VMSS were honored to welcome the Vijay Kumar family to the school as honored guests on Republic Day, January 26th. The Vijay Kumars travelled from their home in New Zealand to visit family in India and were gracious enough to bless the school with their presence on this special national holiday.

Republic Day is celebrated as the anniversary of the date in 1950 that India’s Constitution came into effect. The students celebrated with song and dance and impressed all in attendance with the incredible amount of preparation and skill in their performances. Especially impressive were colored salt designs by some of the older students that vividly displayed the emblem of India--four lions representing power, courage, pride, and confidence.
A cricket match ensued (of course!): India vs. New Zealand. New Zealand came out with the victory this time, so it was decided that someday our students would travel to New Zealand on their national holiday for a rematch!

The honorable Dr. Nalini Vijaykumar challenged children and adults alike in her inspirational speech on being thankful for our freedoms as well as honoring the most important “Constitution” in our lives--the Bible! A video clip of the second half of her speech is’s definitely worth a watch! For a written transcript of the entire speech, click

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