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Teachers' Day Celebrations

“A Day to Remember”

A wave of excitement ran through as we heard that the StoneBridge children would be celebrating “Teacher’s Day”. It was our privilege to see the children perform after much planning and hard work. It really proved how much they value the teachers.

The day started off with an Assembly wherein the teachers encouraged the children with short thoughts. Special songs were also rendered by the teachers. Also, teachers gave a special presentation of Alphabetical advices to the children. Group pictures were clicked with the student-teachers. It was a feeling of pride and joy as we heard the messages by the children which have touched the core of our hearts and feel proud to be part of this big StoneBridge family.


Now the big real show began as the students acted as real teachers in the classrooms! A few teachers were kept as secret observers for the day. The students performed excellently as teachers. After half-a-day’s excitement and fun we had delicious lunch with the student-teachers.

Our appetite grew more as the aroma from the kitchen spread far with “Chicken-65”. We all ate a scrumptious lunch!!

Well, can you guess what keeps us going? StoneBridge teachers feel so proud to work together and it’s the spirit that binds us together and inspires us every day to love and to be loved. It is really true. We all have a feeling of belonging to each other. After all we are all one in Christ serving God.

Special games were organized for teachers like: Throw Ball– StoneBridge Teachers Vs. Student-Teachers, Musical Chairs, Lemon & Spoon, and Biscuit Eating which were like a never ending fun for us throughout the day.The children showed their love and affection through a package of surprises. Tears of joy rolled down the eyes of the teachers who were impressed by the program. Children hugged the teachers for their love and affection towards them. They admire teachers as divine angels who are always support them and guide them in choosing the right path.

Last but not least, we the StoneBridge teachers ended by saying:

There are many fishes in the Ocean that swim and swirl
But it is the Oyster that turns water into pearl.
Ideas are numerous as many drops the Ocean can hold
But it’s the teachers who can turn ideas into Gold.

We proudly esteem the guidance & leadership of our Director [Caleb] that StoneBridge School is growing to greater heights.


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