Bridge to India

Invest in a Student, Change a Generation

The Prideful Beloved: Linda

By Linda Harris

Linda with some of the school children

I didn’t think I was a stuck-up American. But it turns out I am. God used my trip to India this summer to show me my pride and the flaws in my heart, but also to show me how well He cares for His beloved. I am His beloved. You are His beloved. The children at StoneBridge school are His beloved.

I’ve been on other mission trips overseas: Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Greece, Texas, Mississippi and Brooklyn. I prided myself on being “flexible.” Miss my flight? Lose my luggage? Don’t have running water? I’m fine with all that. God knew I was okay with that also. So He decided to work on the part of my heart that was still hard—the part that only He knew needed softening. You see, I really like to be right. I mean, I really, really like to be right. I don’t always voice it, but I sure
know how to do something better than you… or so I thought. (My poor husband!) The American way (a.k.a. the only way I am familiar with) was the right way to “do school.” Am I a professional teacher? No. Looking back on this summer, it really was ignorant of me to believe I had solutions for hundreds of years of a nation’s educational struggles. God knew. He just needed to let me see the error of my thinking. God took me to India to soften my pride.

God also took me to India to show me how awesome and loving He is! God is turning hearts to himself. It’s amazing to watch. Although these kids aren’t being taught in the same way I thought they should be taught, although the school doesn’t look the way I expected it to look, although the classroom size was different than what I considered acceptable, although the staff and supplies are limited more so than I expected, God is doing
wonderful things through the StoneBridge School. He made that abundantly clear, especially on our last day there. The children put together a wonderful “goodbye” ceremony. They danced, they recited Scripture, and they told us what they learned that week. They thanked us.

We should have been thanking them. For in their resurrection songs, lively dances, and thoughtful recitations I saw God in their hearts. He is working! He is present! Things that I thought were so important do not thwart Him! And He invites us to be a part of it! Even me—the prideful one.

God let me come to India to see the love He has for His children. He gave me the opportunity to show them His love through games and laughs, rice and Charlotte’s Web. He let me see their smiles—smiles that only come because of a heart that knows the King loves them. God is at work in His beloved—in my heart, in the hearts of the children in India, and quite possibly, in yours. You probably don’t need to go to India to hear and see it, but then again…